5km Course & Training Program

If you're considering running or walking the 5km course at the Whitehorse Big Easy Event on April 9 this year, the good news is you can try it out at anytime. The course starts and finishes at the Mt John Rd entrance to the A&P Showgrounds and follows public roads & tracks (see pink line on course map below).

Start at the Mt John Entrance and turn left into Hunter Cres. At the end of Hunter Cres you go onto Naylor's track, at the end cross the bridge and onto Garlands track. At the end of Garlands track turn left onto Garlands road and follow to the end and turn left onto Point Bush Road, then once over the bridge turn right back onto Naylor's track then into Hunter Cres and back to the show grounds.

The course is flat at the start, Garlands Rd is the gradual up hill section, then it's downhill towards the show grounds. It's an achievable walk/run course, but still good for improving fitness. You can walk and run if you choose to.

If your resolution is to get fit this year, even if you've never run in your life, you could consider following the couch to 5km program. The idea is to transform you from couch potato to runner, by combining short periods of jogging with longer periods of walking. Within 2 months most people can easily run 5km. For more information click here.

Grab some friends, put on your walking/running shoes and try the course out today!


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