Quantum Advantage Whitehorse Big Easy

Whitehorse Big Easy Event Waimate, South Cantebury

Mission Statement

To promote the Whitehorse Big Easy tracks and raise awareness amongst local people, as well as national and international visitors.

To develop and maintain MTB tracks in the Waimate District.

To have an annual bike - run - walk event, raising money for charity and track development, while promoting the amazing outdoor resources that Waimate has to offer.


CHAIR - Ryan Luckman

FINANCE - Raewyn Francis

SECRETARY - Carmen Hurst

MARKETING - Kate O'Connell - Minsi Design Ltd, Ken Buckingham

COURSE DESIGN- Peter Bootsma, Dave Hanson, Ken Buckingham

TRAFFIC MANAGEMENT- Peter Bootsma, Dave Hanson, Ken Buckingham

HEALTH & SAFETY- Peter Bootsma

SPONSORSHIP - Ken Buckingham, Ian Moore

COMMITTEE - Anna Dyer, Jo Sutherland, Glenda Begg, Dylan Murray
Mountain bike tracks Waimate