Plot your course!

RUN/WALK - All the run and walk courses are the same as previous years - please see the maps below.  **A slight change to the 18km run course will mean it is more accurately 18km, not closer to 19km like in previous years.  For those that have run the course before, the change will be well marked.

Mountain Bike - We are in the process of updating our course maps for our mountain bike events.  The 20km mountain bike are the same courses as in previous years.  The 27km and the 13km will include the Twisted Monster trail.
The 27km course is close to being the same as in 2020.

Please note: The 5km mountain bike course is over a new course for 2021.  This course will start and finish at Victoria Park.  The course is just being finalised and we will communicate the route as soon as possible.

You can get out and train on the walk and run courses at anytime, they are all on public land.  Some of the MTB courses are on private land, but there are plenty or tracks to train on up in the Hunters Hills.  Check out Waimate's public tracks here

Walk and Run Courses (the same as in 2019 & 2020)

MTB Courses

2021 27km MTB Course

Please note: There have been a couple of changes to the 27km MTB course since the map was produced in 2019.  We will endeavor to get this map updated.

The trail will no longer go into the DoC land past the Whitehorse monument, instead you will loop back at this point to the Wriggly Beast, Rosewood Loop, Filthy Animal (top section) then onto private land, down Grassy Ridge, up Brave Heart, up Winstons through Big Dip, up Dairy Lane, down air strip, full length of Mad Max down then joining the big easy again for a second climb to ride Twisted Monster then onto farm tracks back to Garlands Road and returning to Victoria Park.


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