Teams and Solo Elite Challenge

The Whitehorse Challenge is back for 2021 (with a twist)........

If you're feeling like a physical challenge AND giving back to the community then the Whitehorse Teams and Solo Challenge is for you! 

In the teams event one member does the 18km run, and the other the 27km MTB. In the solo event each crazy entrant does BOTH. Each team is also provided with a Give-a-Little page to raise money for our local charities, with a 1 second time advantage given for every $1 raised over $250. 

This year 75% of funds raised will go towards SportWaimate, Centrecare Counselling, Waimate School of Music, Waimate Rotary Club, and the Whitehorse MTB Club.

The TWIST - for the final 25% you can nominate an acceptable charity of your choice.

If you'd like more information contact us at or phone Ryan on 027 405 2772

The 2021 Legends


Waimate School of Music


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