Welcome to the teams challenge...

In this event teams compete in teams of two, with one member completing the 18km run, and the other the 27km bike. As an added challenge each team is given a give-a-little page with which to raise some money for local, regional, and national charities. 

This year we are having a revamp of the challenge. We want to reduce the barriers to entering a team to ensure that as many people as possible can get out there and raise some money for some very worthy charities. With that in mind we have dropped the suggested fundraising target from $500 down to $250, and added in some time bonuses to reward teams that do get that extra money rolling in. 

To get teams motivated on the fundraising front we are putting a bonus of 1 second off your teams time for every dollar raised above the $250 target. That means if your team can raise an extra $300 they get a 5 minute advantage on the pack. Last year the top 6 teams were split by just 10 minutes, so these seconds could very well be crucial to who takes home the trophy! It will also mean any team can be in it to win it - the winning team will be a combination of sporting AND fundraising prowess. 

If you are interested, or want some more information then complete the form below and we will be in touch. 

To enter please click on the registration link below.  For any questions or queries please phone Ryan Luckman on  email.

2018 Recipients

Waimate School of Music

2018 Challenge Teams

The Defending Champions.

The 2017 Whitehorse Challenge victors return this year to defend their title! Brett, a local stock agent, is described by his friends as a “shit at golf, pool, and darts”, but they now concede he can ride a bike after last years lofty performance (he also likes to ride around lakes i.e Taupo for fun). He claims to have been light on training last year, so might have to step it up with the teams that will be gunning to take them down. 

Last year Tim told us he had aspirations to take out the run, which he duly did, putting the whole running scene on notice. Currently living out the Bohemian lifestyle in Arrowtown he's surrounded by some pretty decent training grounds (and gold?) so we wouldn't bet against a repeat. Get on over to their give-a-little page and show some support!

Cara and John

Cara and John are two of the newest members of the Waimate Rotary Club and starting things off with a bang, competing as our official team in the Challenge. 

They describe themselves as "plodders", but it does appear they've "plodded" in quite a few awesome events. Rumour has it that John broke from the plodder mode when they competed in the New York Marathon, responding to the crowds and bands with a sprint-like first half (followed by a second half of pain and misery). Cara tends to follow more of a structured race day plan - for the Spring Challenge an unnamed source has let slip that a laminator may have been packed in case of an urgent need for waterproofing.

The Cowboys

You will mainly see Chris and Greig out and about in their gumboots playing with cows, which is slightly less Rodeo than their team name implies! Chris is taking on the running leg. He recently won a leg of the very competitive Waimate Harriers 5km series so brings a fair degree of pedigree (as long as he can carry it through another 13.......). The fact that his farm is more hill than flat can only help too. Greig was used as a crash test bunny for last years event, being forced to bike around the (late) course changes a few days out from the event. This year he's looking for a smoother run-in to showcase his skills. For any of those who are aware of the Moore competitive spirit, you will be aware that he could be on course to pull out a ripper! 

Get on over to their give-a-little page to show your support!

The Abandoned Husbands

The Abandoned Husbands Brew Club made the rash decision to enter a couple of teams while quite deep into a tasting session one night. 

The first team sees head brewer Craig take on the bike leg. After a near miss involving a slippery hill, an oncoming truck, and a little bit of gravel rash, Craig has mainly limited his biking to trips out to Waihao Downs school. However the allure of charity (and a few sessions of hypnotherapy) see him back in the saddle taking on the slopes of the Big Easy. 

Ryan again tests out the run leg. He'd love to claim a prestigious title such as head brewer, but unfortunately his love of bitter tasting beer doesn't have a strong marketing opportunity (even in the craft beer scene). After being banned from any further marathon's by his wife for a lack of actual training, he's hoping a self appointed title of Chief Team Runner will spur him into a hill running frenzy. 

Head on over to their give-a-little page to show your support!

Team Red Hot

Jeff (from the Vet Centre Oamaru), and Fraser, the owner of Red Hot Real Estate are a late pairing after Fraser's original team member had to be scratched. Jeff comes with some serious pedigree (he places in hilly events like the Luxmore Grunt), but comes into this event with the main aim of beating Ryan from Waimate so that the Oamaru branch can have the bragging rights for the year to come! He fears that home court advantage and some dodgy marshaling could see him on the back foot, so watch this space........

Fraser was coaxed into entering after a challenge from his brother Greig, and if anyone has ever met a Moore then you know this could be a competitive battle on the bike leg. Fraser's claim to fame actually comes on two legs. As every single member of his family will be able to attest to (apparently he brings out the fact often), Fraser has held the Waimate High School 100m record since 1998. (Note that he has asked that this item not be fact checked in case he loses his bragging rights).

Team Waituna Creek School

Tom and Brad return to the Challenge this year, albeit with different teammates. After doing the sums on their individual performances last year they realised that together they would have had their hands on the trophy. So with that in mind they've done what any ruthless school team would do - ditched their teammates and joined up to show the world what Waituna Creek School can do! 

The bookies have them peaking as favourites. Brad's shown some strong form on the bike recently, taking out 3rd place in the Redzone 6hr race in Christchurch. Tom meanwhile keeps fit breeding pheasants and drawing on his naturally wiry Scottish frame. Rumour has it he runs with a dram of whiskey in his sporran. 

Waimate Rugby Club - Simon & Ben

The bearded duo have signed up to the challenge, adding some extra sessions in between Tuesday and Thursday training runs. 

Simon is taking on the bike leg, having previously competed in events such as "nothing", and "zilch". He does have two highly functional legs though, and balance honed by days doing tricks on waterskis, so is bound to pull through. 

Ben "fitness freak" Messer meanwhile takes on the run leg. At a clear advantage weighing about 40kg dripping wet, he should zip up the hills. Together they should post a decent time as they represent the backline of the Waimate Rugby Club. 

Team Lane - Brendan and Avril.

After sitting on the sidelines (injured) last year, Brendan and Avril have decided to enter the fray. 

Between Brendan's reconstructed knees and Avril's recidivist dislocating shoulders we're pretty sure they qualify for at least one fit person! 

In spite of all that they should be quite a competitive team. Avril was just pipped in the 18km run last year to be the second woman home. Rumour has it she has also signed up for her first marathon so she should fly through the course with ease. 

Meanwhile Brendan, much like the bionic man, has channeled his energy into becoming one with the bike now that most court sports are out. He recently claimed the "Beban Cup" at the St. Andrews Cycling Club prize giving so has some credentials and recent form. 

We do think that their competitive natures will help out as well..... after claiming the Beban Cup there was some slight jibing on facebook that Brendan may have finally "found a sport in that you may be better than your wife", so clearly no-one will be wanting to let the team down! 

Get over to their page and show your support. 

Timaru Army Reserve Unit - Phil & Wayne

Phil and Wayne are entering the fray on behalf of the Timaru Army Reserve Unit. The Army Reserve is made up of every-day New Zealanders who do their normal job in the community then conduct military training in their spare time. Living, working and training in their local community the Army Reserve is the public face of New Zealand’s Army. They are taking this opportunity to get the word out about what the Reserves do, as well as hopefully win the trophy!! There's every chance they could too - Phil has run competitively in his distant past, and Wayne looks for any chance to wear lycra...... 

Team Go Bros

The Allan Brothers, Daniel and Reuben are our first family team entry this year. They both come with very strong (historical) sporting pedigrees..... In a past life Daniel has completed many endurance races including the Kepler Challenge, various mountain biking events, multiple near death experiences in the mountains and dodging icebergs around Cape Horn in a sail boat. Daniel has managed to get himself off his walking frame and come out of retirement for the event, but still holds winning the Ikawai School egg & spoon race as an 8 year old as his proudest sporting achievement.

Reuben is back for another go at this event after finishing at the bottom end of the ladder last year. He has also competed in various endurance races in the past but reckons he would struggle to beat his sons aged 10 & 12 in a race at the moment. In a similar vein to Daniel his greatest sporting memory harks back to the Morven Gala days where he was runner-up in the 3 legged race as a 5 year old.


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