Welcome to the teams challenge...

In this event teams compete in teams of two, with one member completing the 18km run, and the other the 27km bike. As an added challenge each team is given a give-a-little page with which to raise some money for local, regional, and national charities. 

This year we are having a revamp of the challenge. We want to reduce the barriers to entering a team to ensure that as many people as possible can get out there and raise some money for some very worthy charities. With that in mind we have dropped the suggested fundraising target from $500 down to $250, and added in some time bonuses to reward teams that do get that extra money rolling in. 

To get teams motivated on the fundraising front we are putting a bonus of 1 second off your teams time for every dollar raised above the $250 target. That means if your team can raise an extra $300 they get a 5 minute advantage on the pack. Last year the top 6 teams were split by just 10 minutes, so these seconds could very well be crucial to who takes home the trophy! It will also mean any team can be in it to win it - the winning team will be a combination of sporting AND fundraising prowess. 

If you are interested, or want some more information then complete the form below and we will be in touch. 

To enter please click on the registration link below.  For any questions or queries please phone Ryan Luckman on  email.

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